Links on Links: True Health, Success & a Giant Obstacle Course

Here’s a reminder that I needed this week, which came on a postcard courtesy of a dear friend:

It's ok not to be ok.

It was just one of those weeks where things kept piling on, and by Friday I felt muddled and mopey. When those days come around, I try to do two things: indulge in self-care and remember the good stuff. So on Friday, I cheered up with a good book (Americanah–thanks Lizzie for the rec!), pancakes for dinner and some happy things around the house. I took to my indoor garden and potted some baby spider plants and repotted my new spearmint plant. Making something grow, seeing that sprout of potential…it’s a good way to feel better.

Another way I get to feeling better is by binge-reading my favorite blogs, especially when I haven’t been keeping up as faithfully as usual. That means that this week I’m especially excited to share one of those reads with you: The Winestain!

Ashley’s writing is sassy, honest and smart (she’s working towards a PhD, so color me impressed), whether she’s writing about past relationships or sharing a playlist of drinking music for a summer party. Her blog encourages you to explore, starting in your hometown with the 30 Days of City Love challenge and these ideas for traveling at home. If I haven’t convinced you yet, I know it’s Saturday, so maybe this post on how to host a cheap wine tasting will.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I’m having a blast with #30DaysofCityLove, but you should check out the hundreds of other pictures coming in from around the world! Here’s the hashtag page: #30DaysofCityLove–and you can join in any time.

More links? As you wish:

As a social media manager, I live in fear of accidentally sending a personal tweet from a work/client account. Buuut I still got a laugh out of this week’s @EPAwater/Kim Kardashian mishap.

Sometimes this blog is silent. (Preach.)

I’m a big fan of Cat (Budget Blonde) who I interviewed for the old Home in Motion series. As a blogger, I really appreciated her honesty and openness when she posed this question to her readers.

“I’m the whole m*f*ing package.” (Major dig. Also, major profanity.)

A thousand times yes to this take on true health.

You don’t have to work out, lose weight, and eat better to have a body you can love. You can start loving your body right now. If you start loving your body now, I believe the rest will follow. You deserve the “Good” side of the list and you can choose that motivation.

Oh, you would like more patio drinks? You’re welcome: boozy lemon frosties, mint lemonade & bourbon cocktail (this recipe is Ashley’s from up top!), wild hibiscus prosecco cocktail.

Success: what does it mean to you?

Helpful for bloggers: can you use that picture?

I’m not a minimalist but I appreciate simple, easy style…enter Un-Fancy, a minimalist fashion blog.

Sometimes encouragement pops up right when you need it.

Thank you, thank you to Jessica for writing this post: Do You Need to Go to Grad School?

This giant guitar version of “Rude” is especially good. (99 percent of the time, I prefer their covers to the original songs.)

Chicago pals: who wants to do this mural tour with me? It covers 51 neighborhoods! I’ll bring the snacks.

Daughter of Cancer: if someone close to you has cancer and you’re struggling to deal, reading this blog is a reminder that you aren’t alone. Warning though, it’s not a feel-good story.

Giant amusement park/aerial obstacle course for adults: YES PLEASE!

Another one for bloggers: how to get sponsored post opportunities. What do you guys think of sponsored posts anyway?

10 things to do in your 20s for lifelong health–oh, like go to the chiropractor? Done. Boom! I’m out.

  • Cat Alford/ Budget Blonde

    Aw thanks for the link! So glad you enjoyed the post!

    • Alicia | Jaybird Blog

      I hope you are finding that balance! You have a wonderful community of support.

  • thesimplylivingblog

    Thanks for the link love Alicia! :) So glad we could share some inspiration and encouragement with you and hope you have an absolutely wonderful weekend!!

    • Alicia | Jaybird Blog

      Hope you had a great weekend too!

  • Jenn@NearandFarMontana

    Oh I know this feeling. This week was a beast and I was so tired I couldn’t think straight by the end. Good things were happening, but I was just so tired and overwhelmed.

    Loving the links, and I really need to get on the #30daysofcitylove.

    Yet another gem from Walk of the Earth. Love it.

    • Alicia | Jaybird Blog

      I would love to see your #30daysofcitylove! It has definitely pushed me to get out and about and look at things in different ways.

  • Stacia

    So many good links this weekend! I’m going to be busy for a little bit. 😉

    • Alicia | Jaybird Blog

      Enjoy! :)

  • Jessica Lawlor

    Thank you so much for including me! This post was full of goodies. I think I clicked to 3 or 4 links. Love that!

    • Alicia | Jaybird Blog

      Awesome, I’m so glad there was good stuff!

  • Jenny Williams

    Thanks for introducing me to the Wine Stain AND Un-fancy. I’m now following both. I am glad you decided to slow down and take care of yourself when you recognized you needed it. That is sometimes hard to do. Have a great last few hours of the weekend! :)

    • Alicia | Jaybird Blog

      I’m so glad you like them! I think Un-fancy is now the only fashion blog that I follow. I like seeing outfits remixed, since that’s what I try to do with a fairly small closet/budget!

  • Lauren Albrecht

    Thanks for the link!!! :)