DIY Wine Cork Jewelry Organizer

DIY Wine Cork Jewelry Organizer | Jaybird: Home in Motion

Reduce, reuse, recycle: a key phrase of 21st-century consumers. While it pays to be environmentally-minded, the best projects for reusing items are those that are both useful and beautiful. This wine cork jewelry organizer falls into both categories.

For my birthday, my friend Liz gave me a beautiful metal jewelry organizer shaped like a tree. The branches are perfect for holding dangling earrings, and the base is a small tray for rings and other trinkets. After using it for a couple weeks, I realized that I completely forgot about my stud earrings, since they were mixed in with pins and rings.

I wanted to display my earrings so I could easily choose a pair while rushing out the door in the morning. Wine corks were the perfect material for holding stud earring backs, so I pulled together a 99-cent frame from Goodwill and some scrap materials I had on hand to make this simple organizer in about 45 minutes. With several pairs of earrings easily visible propped up on my dresser, I’m far more likely to wear the lovely studs that languished in a tray before.

DIY Wine Cork Jewelry Organizer | Jaybird: Home in Motion

DIY Wine Cork Jewelry Organizer

Standing frame for 8×10 photo, glass removed
Fabric of your choice (one piece, at least 10×12″)
  *If necessary, iron fabric before beginning so there are no wrinkles.
6 wine corks- make sure ends are as flat as possible
2 champagne corks
8 thumb tacks
hot glue gun
optional: a 12″ braid of metallic cord
optional: one sheet origami paper to make a box for earring backs

While your glue gun heats, remove the backing from the frame. Lay fabric on a flat surface. Place the backing onto the fabric with the photo display side down and about 1″ extra fabric on each side. Make sure the fabric is smooth.

Draw a line of glue about half an inch from the edge of one side of the frame. Fold the fabric over and press down until secured. Repeat for each side, folding in the corners so the fabric is as flat as possible.

On the display side of the backing, decide where to place each cork (and metallic braid if using). Affix corks with hot glue and press firmly against backing as they dry. Flip again to the backside and push a thumbtack into each cork to secure.

If using metallic braid, affix it with a thin line of hot glue. Tuck ends behind the backing and secure the backing in the frame.

To make a small box for your earring backs, use a 2.5″ square or larger piece of origami paper and follow these instructions.

The wine cork jewelry organizer idea came from Crafts for All Seasons. If you’ve been saving corks and need something to do with them, try one of these creative DIY projects:

Has an everyday item improved your home? How do you store your jewelry?

This project originally appeared on my first blog, Humble Foodie.