Links on Links: True Health, Success & a Giant Obstacle Course

Here’s a reminder that I needed this week, which came on a postcard courtesy of a dear friend:

It's ok not to be ok.

It was just one of those weeks where things kept piling on, and by Friday I felt muddled and mopey. When those days come around, I try to do two things: indulge in self-care and remember the good stuff. So on Friday, I cheered up with a good book (Americanah–thanks Lizzie for the rec!), pancakes for dinner and some happy things around the house. I took to my indoor garden and potted some baby spider plants and repotted my new spearmint plant. Making something grow, seeing that sprout of potential…it’s a good way to feel better.

Another way I get to feeling better is by binge-reading my favorite blogs, especially when I haven’t been keeping up as faithfully as usual. That means that this week I’m especially excited to share one of those reads with you: The Winestain!

Ashley’s writing is sassy, honest and smart (she’s working towards a PhD, so color me impressed), whether she’s writing about past relationships or sharing a playlist of drinking music for a summer party. Her blog encourages you to explore, starting in your hometown with the 30 Days of City Love challenge and these ideas for traveling at home. If I haven’t convinced you yet, I know it’s Saturday, so maybe this post on how to host a cheap wine tasting will.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I’m having a blast with #30DaysofCityLove, but you should check out the hundreds of other pictures coming in from around the world! Here’s the hashtag page: #30DaysofCityLove–and you can join in any time.

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9 Things to Do When Your Roommates Go Out of Town

When I considered where to move from my last apartment, I briefly thought about living alone. I’ve always had at least two roommates, and over the years I’ve grown used to the sweet moments in a shared space: chatting over the cutting board, exchanging recipes, trying each other’s food (or more accurately: me, shamelessly mooching my roommates’ food). Plopping down on each other’s beds, going over our days, wondering out loud what our next phases will bring. Mixing cocktails, sharing songs, taking walks through the neighborhood. Commiserating over our landlord’s good intentions yet awful execution. Experiencing our first Chicago apartment, together.

Home alone
The idea of living alone and coming home to an empty apartment seemed like just that…empty. Despite that, something about the idea kept tempting me. In my own place, I would be able to decorate however I wanted, read/run/work/blog with no distractions, leave the dishes in the sink for a couple days with no one to judge me (Jim would probably encourage that behavior). I would experience complete independence, an idea as exhilarating as it was scary.

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Girl, You Are One Boss B*: Celebrating with a Giveaway

A promotion. Moving to another continent. Marriage. Taking risks. Moving in together.

My friends are doing awesome things, and I’ve never been more proud than I am this year. It feels like recently we’ve had more to celebrate than usual, and I’m happy to be the cheerleader. While it’s fun to send congratulatory emails and goofy snapchats (always remember to draw a crown on your friend’s head), nothing beats a good old fashioned card.

Girl, You Are One Boss B* (Giveaway) | Jaybird

Today, I’ve teamed up with Jolie from Brim Papery to celebrate two things: her successful business and a giveaway for you! Jolie has generously offered a set of six “One Boss B*tch” cards as well as a 5×7″ print to one lucky winner–hop on over to my Instagram feed for details. In the meantime, learn more about how Jolie started her business, the rewards and the challenges along the way.

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Who Ya Gonna Call: Finding a Great Doctor

It wouldn’t be right to start this post with anything but a confession: sometime in the last year, I became scared of going to the doctor. Scared might not be entirely the right word; it was more a combination of laziness and ostrich syndrome–if something was wrong, I didn’t want to know about it. If I got sick, I’d attempt to tough it out or go to the Take Care clinic at the drugstore. In terms of preventive care though, I just ate a lot of vegetables and called it a day. I hadn’t been to a general practitioner since age 21, and now I’m turning 25 in a couple weeks.

Who Ya Gonna Call: Finding a Good Doctor | Jaybird

We’re not here to talk politics (thank goodness) but with the Affordable Care Act, I heard plenty of lamentations about healthy 20-somethings not signing up for insurance. They didn’t want to pay, they didn’t think they needed it, they were already covered. I kind of felt that way about finding a doctor. The last time I’d made an effort, none of the doctors I called were accepting new patients, so I had just let it go. I have no glaring health problems so it didn’t feel urgent…until it was.

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