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spring polka dot rain boots

Spring is back, but it better be here for real this time. This constant back-and-forth is unhealthy. This week, I celebrated a one-year anniversary with Jim, recapped my 8k but ran zero times and broke out my very favorite spring loafers (these guys). I’m excited to get my run back on this weekend and to start the season’s grilling action. What are you looking forward to this weekend? Other than these great links, of course…

Something I’m scared of but think I should eventually do: (lessons from) living alone.

Say one of your besties lived in Sweden. Would you go visit? I’m saving for a trip somewhere in that general direction…

Important: it is spring. Have you entered to win a pair of Hunter rainboots yet?

Do I want this? Yes. But do I need it? Erm…maybe. Summer is coming, after all!

I have been the biggest slacker on #ProjectWaffles. Never fear, Emily’s got you covered.

Let’s be present in one place at one time. Kathleen asks:

How are you showing up for your partner, your family, and your friends? If you’re itching to check your email under the dinner table you might be showing up with scattered attention and only a part of your whole heart…The next time you have dinner with a friend or a date out with your main squeeze try leaving your phone at home. Instead of falling back on conversations about what sucks, instead speak from the place that holds your dreams and desires.

Blogging: on advertising and sponsorship disclosure and other good (and legal) things.

How did it take me 24 years of life to discover this magical hair fixer?

I am an ecourse fiend. Now that that’s out in the open, I’m currently taking Shape Up Your Content, an awesome Braid ecourse. Get in on the next one: Personal Branding: Blending Who You Are and What You Do.

Are you running away from discomfort by leaping into big change?

Please don’t hate me for getting a little nerdy about having an authentic voice on social media. The Buffer bloggers are always so spot on!

Daily routine, oh how I miss you.

If you own a handmade shop, check out this new feature: Small Shops, Big Hearts.

Know what’s cool? When smart people share their smarts. If you blog, check out Lisa Butler’s new book (you can win a copy, too!): Make WP Work for You.

If you’re new to Jaybird, might I suggest a few good get-to-know-ya blog posts?

This I BelieveInspiration or Aspiration? | DIY Wine Cork Jewelry Organizer

With that, I’m departing to stubbornly bask in the kinda cold sun and brunch my face off. I’ll catch you on Twitter or see you back here on Monday!

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The Least Fun Chore (and a Spring Giveaway)

The Least Fun Chore | Jaybird

We all know that the road to somewhere very scary is paved with good intentions. And that very scary place? It’s a lot like my bathroom last night.

My roommate Andrew and I share a bathroom with some nice amenities…his and hers sinks, giant mirror, walk-in shower. He’s almost never home and I generally couldn’t care less about it beingmessy (as you know), so it was a slippery slope from “just a little clutter” to “everything I could ever possibly use now lives on this countertop.” I’ve been promising to clean my half since about the second month we lived here and yet–good intentions, my friends. Continue reading

5 Old-School Productivity Tips

5 Old-School Productivity Tips

There’s a reason productivity hacks are so popular. Search “how to be more productive” and you’ll find page after page of recommendations for apps, methods, tips and guaranteed-to-work secrets guiding you to better time management. But I’ve found something that, for me, works better than any high-tech gadget: focusing on one task at a time, old-school style.

I work in an office and can easily spend almost 100% of my day on the computer. After a couple hours, I can feel my focus getting fuzzy and my eyes darting to different windows: check Outlook for new messages. Switch to Twitter to respond to mentions. Search for a file on the shared drive. And let’s be real: even those with the most iron-clad of wills can get sucked into the internet rabbit hole if they aren’t careful.

A change of scenery has always helped me regain focus, even if it’s a move to the conference table six feet away. Given all those hours logged on my laptop, in particular on web 2.0 tools, I figured out that the best ways for me to work don’t require much technology at all. So if you want to talk productivity tricks, get out your pen and paper, sonny–it’s time to get old school. Continue reading

Love Your Body Resolution: I Ran an 8K!

The Love Your Body Resolution is a biweekly series dedicated to loving + respecting your body. For more LYB Resolution posts, visit the archive.

shamrock shuffle jumping

For those of you who were following along with my 8K training adventures, sorry it’s taken awhile to post a recap of the race itself! For all of you who are new, I have two things to say:

1) Welcome!


The picture above is the best illustration I could ask for of my experience running the Shamrock Shuffle 8K in downtown Chicago. Jenn, Eileen and I all trained independently (or didn’t train, as weather allowed!) but ran together the day of the race. I couldn’t have asked for a better first race experience than running with two friends–blogging friends!–who kept me motivated from the time we started in icy, snowy January to our actual run together in March. If you’re in the mood for a long recap and some more photos…well, I’ve got the post for you. Continue reading